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Konu: Enigma2 X-STREAMITY Multi Xtreams Playlist Player (*.ipk) - Update

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    Enigma2 X-STREAMITY Multi Xtreams Playlist Player (*.ipk) - Update

    X-Streamity - Xtream Codes IPTV Player 2.65 (*.ipk) - 17.11.2020

    - I messed up the version numbers in an earlier last release. You may have to uninstall any previous xstreamity versions to install this version. You might also have to delete the json file in etc/enigma2/xstreamity/ as there is some data changes. Only shows SubsSupport option in settings if SubsSupport installed. Amended settings page widths to accommodate EPG url option (all skins)
    - Amended short daily epg (long hold epg button) - to 1000 limit. Added Polish Language
    - Fixed errors from the previous 2 XMLTV Release (2.63/2.54)
    - Added in XMLTV EPG download via epgimporter. How to use new full epg. (old full epg code has been deleted)
    - First use. Change epg to XMLTV EPG - Open Live category for that provider. XML files will download
    - Exit XStreamity, go in EPG importer sources. Check your provider source. Save

    *** Make sure Load only services in bouquets is set to no. Do a manual download. Check events have downloaded. This will also include any other provider or rytec if checked. Uncheck all the others if you wish to do a clean test. Back in xstreamity, Live channels, data should now load if your provider has data for those channels. Data will be brought in automatically after setting up epg importer once.

    thank KiddaC
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